Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)


After the Otoplasty operation patients should expect bruising around the area that fades in 2-3 weeks. Pain associated with the operation is minimal and can be easily treated with oral medication. The bandages are only needed for a few days and should be replaced with a lighter dressing. Refraining from sleeping on the ears is required and patients are advised to use a very soft pillow. Showering with shampoo may begin after a few days. Expect two to three days of recovery before normal activities can be performed. Consult with your doctor before attempting any athletic or precarious activities that may affect the healing process.

What can be expected?

In most cases, only one treatment is needed. The initial redness fades in a few weeks to a light pink, which can be camouflaged with cosmetics. The discoloration usually disappears in one or three months. The goal of laser resurfacing is to enhance facial appearance. Expectations by the patient must be realistic, and results should be anticipated as improvements rather than total corrections. Results of the surgery depend on many factors such as the size, shape and location of the imperfection and the patient’s heredity, age and general skin condition.

Post Operative Instructions for Ear Surgery

1. After surgery the ear will be covered with a bulky pressure dressing for 48 hours. Do not get the dressing wet for 48 hours. Some surgical discomfort can be expected and is usually controlled with medication. In rare cases, discomfort may be prolonged for several weeks. If surgery is done in a hospital, a stay of a few days may be required.
2. In a few days the bulky dressing will usually be removed, after which a light head dressing will be required for several weeks. An antibiotic ointment must be applied to the light dressing. The area may exhibit some swelling and bruising.
3. In some cases, as a result of the new ear position, the fold in the ear may appear more prominent.
4. Patients, particularly children, should refrain from excessive or strenuous physical activity such as lifting, heavy
labor, swimming or sports activity for several weeks.

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