Usage instructions for Obagi Skin Care products

Obagi Appliance Directions:

  1. Foaming Gel®: AM & PM Usage
  2. Toner® (no eylids): AM & PM Usage
  3. Clear®: AM & PM Usage
  4. Exfoderm Forte®: AM Usage Only
  5. Blender® with:
    • Tretinoin 1/2 gm every other day or less: Gradual Start, PM Usage
    • Tretinoin 1/2 gm daily: Standard Dose, PM Usage
    • Tretinoin 1 gm daily: Moderately Aggressive, PM Usage
    • Tretinoin 1/2 gm twice a day: Very Agressive, AM & PM Usage
  6. Sunfader: AM Usage Only
  • Stay out of the sun.
  • You must get to the “standard” dose of tretinoin and stay there or higher for at least 3 months.
  • Don’t scrub your face; the tretinoin makes your skin delicate.
  • The tretinoin is the key to changing the intrinsic qualities of your skin. You may want to start with the gradual dose because it initially makes you peel.
  • Control amount of Tretinoin (retin-A) if you peel too much or turn red.
  • If you need to control itching, tightness and dryness ask for Obagi Hydrate.

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