“As good as it gets.  Totally personable , professional, and caring doctors and staff. Very impressed with the teamwork and expertise.”

-Greeley, CO | 12/2/2015


“I would highly recommend Dr. Reynolds. I had Orthognathic surgery along with Genioplasty 3 months ago.  Dr. Reynolds and his staff are the best.”

Loveland, CO | 7/23/2015


” Holy cow. I walked into the (very nice and comfortable) office and saw all the awards on the wall, like Best Dentist in Denver three years running etc, so suddenly I felt like he had a big group of former patients behind him.

Then it was my turn in the chair, and I never once felt like they were trying to rush me out. Dr Reynolds, (though extremely busy guy, I saw him go from room to room, and this was after 5:00 pm) took the time to answer my questions and chat with me. 

He went above and beyond during my surgery. If there is any profession that you want a perfectionist, this is it. Dr Reynolds made my smile perfect….I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing oral surgery. The guy is amazing.”

-Loveland, CO | 10/16/2015

YelpStars“In September 2015, I had the privilege of having my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Reynolds and his team. Seeing that I have never had surgery under IV sedation and had 5 wisdom teeth (3 of them impacted) to be removed I was nervous to have the procedure done. The surgical team and the front staff were comforting and empathetic before the surgery and were there for me before, during, and after my procedure. 

Dr. Reynolds was very thorough in explaining the procedure and what needed to be done and made sure to answer all of my questions in a comforting manner before beginning the surgery.The surgery was very ideal–no recollection of being sedated or operated on and the surgery went by quickly without any pain. Recovery was also uncomplicated and only briefly interrupted my diet for a few days. The procedure was much easier than I anticipated.

Dr. Reynolds and the surgical/administrative team are very helpful, professional, and skillful with their work. I would definitely recommend Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery to anyone who is considering having their wisdom teeth removed, or any other dental/facial procedure.”

Loveland, CO | 11/19/2015


“My seven year old daughter had an accident and saw Dr Reynolds on an emergency basis. He successfully treated her while at the same time keeping her comfortable and reassured. Dr Reynolds and his staff are both professional and friendly. Not only will I use Dr Reynolds again, but I will recommend him to anyone in need of an oral surgeon. Thank you Dr Reynolds for taking such great care of my baby girl.”

Loveland, CO | 6/14/2013

YelpStars “I have had 2 procedures from Dr. Reynolds. A blepharoplasty and the
Laser Dot Treatment. I am very pleased with the results of both procedures. You will not find a Dr. that is more attuned to detail than Dr. Reynolds- you will appreciate his perfectionism. And you will not find a kinder staff to work with. He has quite the team in his office. I have received so many compliments on my skin, and as for my eyes, the people who haven’t seen me in awhile just say- wow you” look good” – well rested! And that the bonus with my blepharoplasty is that my vision has improved! I would highly reccommend for anyone looking for these procedures to come to this wonderful team. They know what they’re doing and they will take care of you.”

Loveland, CO | 2/28/2013

YelpStars“My eight year old daughter had to have a tooth extraction and Dr. Reynolds and his staff made her feel extremely comfortable.  We had no problems with the extraction afterwards.  

Also, I had several large moles on my face and neck that were bothersome to me.  I have wanted to have them removed for years but they were in very visible areas of my face and I was very concerned about scarring and the expense.  During the consultation Dr. Reynolds explained to me in detail how he would do the removal.  His staff then informed me of the cost of the procedure and explained the payment options that are available.  I am completely satisfied with the results.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!”

Loveland, CO 10/25/2012

YelpStars“We have brought both my children here for wisdom teeth removal. Dr Reynolds and his staff are caring and considerate, they made our children feel at ease. I would highly recommend them!”

Broomfield, CO | 10/23/2014

YelpStars“Dr. Reynolds is a perfectionist and has done an amazing job for me! I recommend this practice for your wisdom teeth and anytime you need an oral surgeon. His staff is friendly and professional.”

Windsor, CO | 9/2/2014

YelpStars“The work that Dr. Reynolds did on the removal of my teeth was so excellent. The care I received before and after my surgery was outstanding, Dr. Reynolds and his staff were so professional and caring. I would recommend Dr. Reynolds to anyone who needed surgery on their teeth.”

Loveland, CO | 12/8/2013

YelpStars “My husband went to Dr. Reynolds for a tooth extraction.  The receptionist was welcoming and helped him relxa prior to going  into the doctor.  He waited only a few minutes.  The office staff was professional and courteous.  The doctor was proficient.  We,re glad to have this professional service in Loveland.”

Loveland, CO | 11/9/2012


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“I visited Reynolds Oral and Facial Surgery for some cosmetic procedures. They were extremely knowledgable, helpful, accomodating and just incredibly professional. I am so impressed and so happy with the results of the procedure. I look amazing.  I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Reynolds and his team.” –June, 2016


“They were so awesome!! I am 8 months pregnant and needed my tooth extracted. The staff was amazing… Super impressed and super efficient. Thanks again!!” –June, 2016


“Dr Reynolds and his staff are exceptional at what they do and they make you feel at home. The office is very comfortable and modern and they only use the most modern techniques for wisdom teeth and oral surgery. I was impressed from the moment I walked in the door and would recommend them to anyone.”  –September, 2014


“Had two wisdom teeth removed (after 50 years of happy mouth residency). Much trepidation and high blood pressure anxiety. All of it unfounded. A very professional experience; the Doc, of course and all of the support staff. While I’ve rated it as “Loved it” – it’s as much “Loved it” as a 2 wisdom tooth extraction can possibly have. The best.” –September, 2014


“I went to Dr. Reynolds a few years ago to get a tooth implant. He did a fabulous job, and my recovery went perfectly – faster than I expected. A few years later and I have had zero problems, and no need to visit them since. A perfect experience, as such things go.” –2013



fbrating“Dr. Reynolds and staff gave excellent and very caring care. I’m most pleased with my new smile!” –May, 2014

fbrating“Dr. Reynolds and his staff are great! Thoughtful, caring and most important — competent!” -March, 2014


 “If you are searching for a perfect experience, quality care and a doctor and staff who know how to treat patients, then this is the place to go. So happy that I was referred there. Thank you to everyone for my excellent care, attention to detail and for recognizing and personalizing my experience! I was so nervous and frightened and they wrapped me up in safety and comfort. Fantastic place!” –July, 2014


“I am a worrier, and Dr. Reynolds put all my fears at ease about my daughter’s wisdoms teeth extraction. The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the office is comfortable and classy – more like a cozy living room (with fireplace!) instead of a bland clinical setting. All of our questions were answered and I am confident she got the absolute best care!” -December, 2014


  “Dr Reynolds did a fantastic job on my jaw surgery. The whole crew was fantastic. I am so happy with the process. Thank you Dr Reynolds and Staff!” -July, 2014




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