BOTOX® Cosmetic


1. Botox takes 3-15 days to become effective 

2. Results of injections may not start to be evident for 3 days

3. Deep furrows or ingrained wrinkles may require months to flatten out and may require repeated injections every 3 months to fully flatten out, or may not fully go away.  They took years to be ingrained into your skin so give it time to reverse. 

4. Swelling or bruising may occur at injection sites.  

5. Do not scrub the treated area, or use any lotions for 24 hours.

6. Clean sites of blood with cool water only.

7. Ice may be applied to the injection sites.

8. Avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours.

 9. Do not put heat or allow hot shower or bath water to run over the treated area for 2 weeks after the injections. This may denature the Botox chemical & make it ineffective. After two weeks the full effect is reached so you no longer have to be careful.

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