Gingival Grafts

Gingival grafting involves replacing damaged, receded, or absent gingival tissue in the patients’ mouth to establish an appropriate amount of healthy gingival tissue in the mouth or affected region related to the gingiva. Dr. Reynolds may perform a gingival graft if the patient has insufficient gingival tissue that is critical to the patients’ dental health or is related to dental implants.

Dr. Reynolds may choose the following for gingival graft material:

Autograft: From the patients’ donor site which may be the maxilla tuberosity (upper jaw behind the last tooth), palate, or full thickness skin from eyelids (with concurrent blepharoplasty).


Allograft: From other human donor tissue.

For additional information about gingival grafting services that Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery offers, please call our office or schedule an appointment.