Scalpel Biopsy

A scalpel biopsy is where a small piece of tissue is taken for histopathologic evaluation by surgical means. Histopathologic evaluation is when a pathologist prepares the piece of tissue and looks at it under a microscope. This allows the most complete evaluation of a lesion.

Scalpel biopsy can be done under local anesthesia or anesthesia of your choice. The area usually has a few dissolvable sutures. The hard palate and gums are the exception. Since the tissue is stiff and stuck down to the underlying bone it cannot always be easily sutured closed. In these cases it is left open and heals with no consequences.

The area heals within 7 days in most cases and most patients can return to work the next day.

The results will be back from the pathologist in about 10 days. A post-op visit is usually made for that time period to discuss the results.