We are Experts in Dental Implants

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and innovative procedures in oral surgery, we ensure amazing results.

With a success rate of more than 95 percent, dental implants have changed the way millions of Americans smile. As a long-lasting and highly effective tooth replacement option, dental implants eliminate the embarrassment, stigma, and health complications created by missing teeth. Whether replacing a single missing tooth, a section of multiple teeth, or an entire arch, dental implants are one of the most dependable, functional and — in the long run —affordable options for tooth replacement. 

What Makes Reynolds OFS Different

At Reynolds Oral and Facial Surgery, we have placed more than 10,000 implants since we opened in 2001. We only rely on the industry’s most innovative equipment, protocols, and materials to ensure an incredible fit and unparalleled comfort for each patient. With an industry-leading, four-step sterility process, we refuse to compromise on safety in any of our three oral surgery centers. We aim to change how you live your life by giving you a smile you can be confident in. 

Dental Implant Options

When searching for dental implants, it is important to know just what tooth replacement option is appropriate for you. At Reynolds OFS, we specialize in the following types of dental implants: 

  • Single-tooth Implants: requiring a dental crown connected to the titanium post
  • Implant-supported bridge or denture: meant to replace multiple teeth, this implant structure prevents other natural teeth from moving into the gaps left by missing teeth. 
  • All-on-4 or All-on-X: used to replace an entire arch of teeth, built on four titanium implants which anchor an overdenture permanently.   
  • Teeth-in-a-Day: 

Want more information on dental implants, how they work, and their proven benefits?
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“Don’t be afraid to Smile.”

For years I’d felt like a part of my body was missing — because my teeth were. My dentist told me that dental implants would make me feel and look a lot better. OK, I said. Now, I’m thrilled. I can smile, eat anything, and enjoy a good laugh with my friends.