Cheiloplasty (Lip Surgery)


The most common lip surgery is closure of lacerations caused by trauma. These vary from simple to complex. Knowledge of the anatomy of the lip is essential in obtaining a cosmetic result. Lip surgery may be done for reconstructive purposes after trauma. This may be as simple as scar revision or as complex as rotational flaps (rearranging the neighboring tissues) to replace missing tissue.


Cleft lip is a developmental defect of the lip that is repaired by a set of specialized surgical procedures referred to in general as cleft lip repairs. Cleft lip may require multiple surgeries to obtain an aesthetic result. (Please see our section on Cleft Lip and Palate)


Lip augmentation is becoming more common and may consist of temporary procedures such as Restylane or collagen injections or semi-permanent augmentations such as gore-tex which is inserted into the lip.

Fat can be injected or fat connected to subcutaneous tissue can be threaded into the lip. The tissue is obtained from the patients own fat deposits (sub-mental [under chin] area or from the abdomen in some cases a C-section scar can be revised and the tissue used for lip augmentation).

Lip augmentations can be done in our in-office surgical suite, under the anesthesia of your choice.