Community Involvement

Freedom Day USA

Since 2014, Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery has participated in Freedom Day USA–a nationwide event held every year to honor veterans, active duty military, and their families by providing FREE dental services. Each year, we team up with local dental offices in Northern Colorado to help provide comprehensive dental care for veterans and their families on Freedom Day.  Although each year our team donates dental services to our military, 2018 was our biggest year with $96,523 in free services donated!

Dental Lifeline Network


Since 2002, Reynolds Oral & Facial Surgery has been an active volunteer for the Dental Lifeline Network. The Dental Lifeline Network is a national, non-profit organization which provides access to dental care for those who can not afford it and have medical disabilities. 

DLN Mission:

Dental Lifeline Network (DLN) is a national charitable organization whose mission is to improve the oral health of people with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile and have no other way to get help. DLN accomplishes its mission by developing and coordinating collaborative relationships that provide essential resources for direct-service programs, especially charitable care

Donated Dental Services (DDS) is the flagship program of the Dental Lifeline Network and is a nationwide program providing dental care to those in need. On average, our practice donates over $10,000 in dental services each year to patients through the DLN network. We are proud to be part of this amazing program!

National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped

The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped, a program through Donated Dental Services, helps facilitate dental care for patients who have physical, medical, or mental disabilities and do not qualify for public aid. Through this program, our practice has been able to help treat several patients who suffered from disabilities receive the dental care they needed. 

Colorado Mission of Mercy

The Colorado Mission of Mercy (COMOM) is an annual event held in Colorado and provides free dental services to those in need. The large-scale dental clinic has over 100 dental chairs and 200 volunteers each year, including Dr. Reynolds. Our office began volunteering for COMOM in 2008 and have volunteered for several COMOM events held in Colorado. 

Colorado Bike MS

On June 25th – June 26th, 2016, Dr. Reynolds participated in the Colorado Bike MS fundraising ride. Dr. Reynolds rode in the two-day event and traveled 65 miles Saturday, and 65 miles Sunday throughout Northern Colorado.

The fundraising bike ride, put on by Anthem Inc., is an annual ride that raises awareness and funding for multiple sclerosis (MS) research and programs. Dr. Reynolds contributed to the fundraiser and helped Bike MS reach their goal of $4,000,000 this year!

Learn more about the fundraiser at


Other Community Involvement

From Loveland to Africa

 In 2013, Gwendy Reyes-Illg, an emergency veterinarian in Loveland, Colorado to help with a chimpanzee, Margot, in Africa who had sustained a gun shot wound to the face from a poacher. Dr. Reyes-Illg has been working with apes for 13 years an
d volunteers at animal sanctuaries across the country. Before the surgery, Gwendy had consulted with Dr. Reynolds about the palatal surgery that would be needed to correct the wound, and Dr. Reynolds helped develop a surgical plan with Gwendy to perform the surgery and close the gun wound which had been causing respiratory issues for Margot. Dr. Reynolds also provided special tools and instruments to assist with Dr. Reyes-Illg’s surgery on Margot. Margot’s surgery was successful, and the palatal wound was closed that was causing issues for her. Photo of Dr. Gwendy Reyes-Illg holding Margot after her surgery in 2013. Read more about Dr. Reyes-Illg’s experience with Margot at Defense of Animals Sanctuary–Africa:


 In 2012, Dr. Reynolds, his wife, and children volunteered for the Outreach360 program to assist an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Reynolds and his family helped with the summer education program for orphan children and focused on general education and community health. The Outreach360 program is designed to help underprivileged and disadvantaged neighboring communities expand their education at a young age, giving them an opportunity to obtain a higher education or skilled job.

 Dental Education

Our practice believes in making continuing education, dental education, and professional development free and available for all dentalfile_000-1
 professionals. From Seminars to Office “Lunch and Learns,” we are constantly striving to improve awareness and knowledge of current trends and findings in the dental industry and promoting ‘best practices’ for comprehensive dental care. We encourage all dental professionals to attend our dental education events. Please call us if your office would like to schedule a free Lunch and Learn visit to your office for a presentation on a dental topic of your choosing!

Lunch and Learn Topic Considerations:

1. Wisdom Teeth

2. Dental Implants

3. Oral Pathology and Oral Cancer Screening

4. Emergencies in the Dental Office

5. Sleep Apnea Treatment

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